SME Collection

Solid Track Record

ITCBA has a solid track record in handling collections for SMEs where a personalised and cost-effective approach is crucial.  Many small businesses will attempt to handle their collections inhouse, but this is often very challenging due to resource and skills limitations and is potentially a legal minefield given the onerous regulations and compliance requirements around debt collection and recoveries. 

ITCBA offers a dedicated service for SMEs that ensures that all collections are done in a professional and fully compliant manner that protects the client relationship for ongoing business and gets the maximum outstanding monies back onto your bottom line.  We have extensive experience in handling collections for SMEs, notably medical practices, healthcare providers, educational institutions/schools, veterinary practices and so on – essentially any small business providing products or services directly to the end-consumer.

Professional Debt collecting

By working with ITCBA as a collections partner for your small business, you get access to all the skills, data and tools of a professional debt collections partner to improve cash flow, provisioning and actually enhance your brand’s reputation, especially at the current time when millions of debtors are facing incredibly challenging circumstances. At the end of it all, the best outcome is one where the debt is successfully recovered and the debtor remains a loyal customer as they were treated fairly, with dignity and respect for their unique circumstances.  Our unique approach goes a long way in ensuring that you get the best results in debt recovery and brand reputation in the long term, while you and your staff get to focus on running your business.

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