Our Approach

Quality Control, Training and Compensation structure for staff

All calls are recorded. Our in-house training department is responsible for ensuring that all our credit controllers have a minimum score of 90% for call quality and procedure. Our recruitment process includes written and oral assessments to ensure that we employ the very best qualified people who meet our strict recruitment criteria. We are fully compliant with Employment Equity and Skills Development legislation and invest heavily in the career development and progress of our people.

Reporting & Performance Monitoring

PowerBi enables ITC Business Administrators to take control of the reporting environment with a range of pre-formatted reports that are professionally designed to provide our clients with valuable information. All reporting and file transfers can be done in various formats e.g. secured e-mail; FTP or API protocols.


Compliance and ethical collections are key tenets of the ITC Business Administrators brand. We are committed to the Debt Collectors Code of Conduct. Adherence to this Code and our company’s policies and procedures forms part of our employment contracts and key performance indicators for our people. Our business partners regularly audit our collection operations to ensure regulatory and contractual compliance. Our in-house trainers and business analysts critically evaluate the effectiveness and application of our policies and procedures and our compliance programs across operational and administrative spheres. As members of the Council for Debt Collectors and The Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA), we are in a position to advise our clients on any changes in legislation that may apply to our sector of business.

Technology & Infrastructure

We use an in-house developed collections management toolset with an automated dialler and omni-channel contact channel capabilities. Our data and analytics are managed via Microsoft SQL and PowerBi toolsets.

Collections Methodology

ITC BA performs all collection process from our centralised call centre in Cape Town. We make use of ITC Business Administrators stationery, ITC branded SMSes/MMSes and telephone calls during the collection process. The length of the collection strategy is based on our client’s requirements. Part of the collection process is segmenting the data using a scoring model which includes propensity to pay, affordability to pay and contactability. This process coupled with the dialing technology we use to contact the debtor assists us in prioritising our collection process. Accounts that have a low contactability score are immediately placed in our tracing process. We have our own on-site tracing team which will trace these debtors using batch data we have received from Consumer Profile Bureau. In the event that any of the debts need legal intervention, we partner with proven practicing attorneys. The entire process is managed by ITC Business Administrators,  and requires very little  client intervention.

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